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As this is a popular holiday region, there are numerous possible excursions in the surrounding area.

  • Town Museum Kitzbuehel - The "home" of the local museum, the former granary, is one of the most historically valuable buildings in the city. It was first mentioned the 16th Century and it was used in the early 18th Century as a granary adapted to supply the urban population. From this period the construction still exists today - heavy, ceiling beams supported by pillars in the middle of the room. The attic has as an open roof with a type of spindle winch which is rarely seen in this form in Tyrol. It was used for transporting heavy loads. In 2007 the Museum was awarded The Austrian Museum’s top Seal of Approval!
  • Farmers Museum at Hinterobernau - When you take a walk on the sunnyside of Kitzbühel, on the Römerweg under the Kitzbühel Horn, you would come upon the Farmers Museum Hinterobernau. Walking by fresh mown fields and green forests you will come across a typical old Salzburg/Tyrolian farmhouse with its own shrine, large washroom, baking rooms, bee hives, haylofts and machine huts. It is kitted out with interesting machines and tools of days gone by. A real experience of the past. The guide of the museum and the audio guides (duration approx. 1h) offer a comprehensive insight in the world of the Tyrolean farmers of the 19th and 20th century.
  • Show dairy Wilder Kaiser - at  the idyllic "Kirchdorf am Wilden Kaiser", you can find a special show dairy. In a large 400sqm showroom cheese lovers learn everything about the production of finest Tyrolean cheeses. Daily 1200 liters purest hay milk is transformed in cheese specialties.
  • Wild Animal Park Aurach - Experience Tyrol's largest outdoor enclosure on 40 hectares with approx. 200 animals living in enclosures or in the wild. On the tour you will encounter deer, lynx, wild boar, yak, zebu, marmots, wild ducks, pheasants, peacocks etc. and in addition you have the chance to watch the daily wildlife feeding at 14.30h (except during the mating season).
  • Riedel Glass Factory in Kufstein - Riedel glasses represent quality, style and elegance: They are world famous wine glasses and decanters for fine wines. Mouth-blown and handmade each glass is a special piece. In the glass factory in Kufstein you can learn a lot about the more than 2,000-year history of glassblowing and about the formation of a high-quality Riedel wine glass. In the Emotion Show "Sinnfonie" visitors will discover the adventure of sensory perception in the harmonious interplay of glass and wine. The Riedel shop, with a sales area of approximately 300 square meters, provides a wide variety of wine glasses and decanters in any forms for sale.
  • Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens - the underground adventure exhibition is a collection of the most imaginative curiosities around the topic crystal. Inside, you will find the largest and smallest crystals in the world, a wall of 12 tons of crystal stones and rooms that enchant with their lighting effects, sounds and smells.
  • Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk - The "Hans-Peter Porsche dream work" is a dream come true of a passionate collector with a global name. A new model railway world, the private collection of tin toys of decades past to legendary vehicles are exhibited at a specially created site close to Salzburg.

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