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Tenne (upper floor) without dividing wall

95 sq. m
1023 sq. ft
Length × width × height:
12,6 x 7,5 x 3,5 m
39 x 23 x 10 ft
Natural light

Tenne (upper floor) without dividing wall

The Tenne, a former barn that gave its name to Hotel Zur Tenne, witnessed many scintillating parties itself. The Tenne rooms can be used as a single unit or split into individual rooms by means of dividing walls.

As a result, the room has an authentic, cosy feel, whether as an ensemble or as individual units. Artworks that have been lovingly carved onto ceilings, windows and doors combine with the wooden floorboards to lend the room a unique feel. Thanks to the glass dome and the floor-length latticed windows, the room is bathed in light to offer a spacious setting.

The upper Tenne room can be enlarged to form a banqueting hall by joining with the lower Tenne room via a small gallery with two spiral staircases or by joining the Tenne Café with fireplace and Tenne Bar. A built-in dimming function on the windowpane and glass dome ensures just the right lighting for your conference, even on sunny days.

Maximum room capacity

  • Conference-style
    40 Persons
  • U-shape
    40 Persons
  • Cabaret
    30 Persons
  • Classroom-style
    60 Persons
  • Banqueting
    78 Persons
  • Theatre-style
    80 Persons
  • Reception
    150 Persons

Hotel Zur Tenne

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